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ACR International is located in Provo, Utah on the beautiful Wasatch Front - Home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Provo is nestled in the Utah Valley, commonly known as the Silicone Valley of the Intermountain West. It also boasts of the birthplace of Novell, WordPerfect, and hundreds of other computer companies.

ACR International has existed since 1991.We are a software development company, and a business developer. We are the innovative leader for development of electronic books on CD-ROM, and we are the largest writer, producer, and seller of cooking software in the world!

Our principle place of sale is to mass retail stores. Some examples of stores where our products have been sold or are currently being sold are Wal-Mart, Target, Fred Meyer, Sears, ABC Distributing, Taylor Gifts, Albertsons, Linens-N- Things, The QVC Channel and many more! Because of ACR's ability to distribute to mass retailers, we have been able to expand our market by importing unique and quality products that complement the departments where our software is currently being sold. In addition, we have established international ties for exporting US-made products to foreign countries. Thus creating American jobs and putting this countries people to work.




Thanks for your service. I purchase one of your discs at Wal-Mart over a year ago. It has been a constant pleasure to use. The reason for ordering five more:  my family constantly calls me to look up something for them. Good Christmas gifts!
Lois Ferrell Purkey


Liking the New Gold version
I had the original version 6 and then upgraded to 7 and love them both. Now I saw that Gold is available so I got that. I can export from it to a cookbook that I can edit with MS Word. I'm making cookbooks as gift for my married kids using my favorite recipes.It runs great on Windows 10 and also Vista. Tried it on XP just for fun but it runs pretty slow - who cares, XP isn't supported my MS anymore.
J. Lee

It has many good ideas and helps
on July 5, 2015
I use this frequently. It has many good ideas and helps. My first copy was on CD but won't work with any system after Windows XP. New GOLD version works.
DBZ saying.
on June 28, 2015
It's Over 1 million!
on March 5, 2015
I had window 8 64 and I couldn't use 1 million recipes. I re installed windows 8 32. and ONE MILLION RECIPES works great. If someone has a problem this might help. My wife is very happy now.

Hi Karen, I am writing you in response to our conversation we had last month. I work in the House Wares Dept and am the Manager from store #1003 in Plano IL. I purchased one of your “One Million Recipe’ for myself and just loved it! I highly recommend it to Wal-Mart customers, family and friends. This is a product that I stand behind! “It’s so easy to use, instead of having to look through several cookbooks!” “Everyone who has a computer should have one of these CD’s.
Sue Plano, IL

I wanted you to know how much fun I'm getting out of my "One Million of the World's Greatest Recipes." I'm a cook on a large fishing vessel in the Gulf of Mexico and just after I received the CD as a birthday gift, we headed out to sea for several weeks. The first night out I tried one of the recipes for the main meal and another for dessert. After the guys all cheered over dinner that night, I told them challenge me with some new meal ideas to cook for them - and you know what - no one has stumped me yet! Of course I haven't told anyone my "Secret Source" for all these great new meals. As soon as your new Seafood CD is out, let me know. I'll buy that too. Keep up the great work - your cooking CD is making me a star."
J.B. - Chef on Fishing vessel


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