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Making the Native American Style Flute's Vol. 1

Simply the best flute making DVD you will ever own!

"Making the Native American Style Flutes" is the first in a series of instructional DVD's featuring the talent and skills of Bill Hughes. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions make this DVD perfect for beginners.**

Included on the DVD are complete tuning instructions, as well as a complete list of the tools you'll need to begin making your own native american style flutes.

*You will need a full sized Lathe.

** This video is for beginner flute makers, NOT first time woodturners.

2 hrs 13 min.

Bill Hughes has been making flutes for many years and has made about 7,000 flutes. His specialty is teaching people who are new to the flute making world how to get started. He thinks that this saves them about 2-4 years of frustration and a lot of trial and error mistakes.

He has taught for the Indian Walk-in Center in Salt Lake, Whitehorse High School, Salt Lake Community College, Highland High School, the VA, the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology, many Woodcraft stores in the West and countless hopeful souls who walk into his shop in Salt Lake City.

Bill made the flutes used in the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics and has flutes all over the world. He is known best for his larger bore flutes which have deep and soulful voices.

Bill Huges Ph.D




Making the Native American Style Flute's Vol. 1



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