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With Easy Chef's "Gourmet Recipes" you can start to enjoy the luxury of putting together gourmet meals for special occasions. This recipe software is packed with tips and techniques to help both beginners and advanced chefs improve the taste and presentation of every meal!

Largest Collection of Gourmet Recipes Available in one Cookbook!

Take your cooking to the next level by creating the unexpected. Easy Chef's "Gourmet Recipes" cooking software can give you the tools and confidence to make gourmet cooking fun and easy! With over 400 award winning recipes to choose from, this recipe software is truly a must for all cooking enthusiasts.

Easy Chef's "Gourmet Recipes" give you tips on:

  • How to improve your "mise en place " techniques, (Don't know what that means? You NEED this software!)
  • The best herbs and spices for every dish.
  • Making the perfect sauces, and gravies.
  • And much, much more!

    The recipes in Easy Chef's "Gourmet Recipes" are some of the best in the world. You are sure to find something fun for every occasion, but that's not the best part! The information in this incrediable cooking software is absolutely indispensible.

    Learn things you never knew about cooking seafood, why risotto is so much better than just rice, and what you need to know before you prepare a ceviche.

    There is even a comprehensive dictionary of cooking names and terms, as well as a guide to spices and seafood.


    Get your hands on Easy Chef's "Gourmet Recipes"
    and explore a whole new world of elegant cooking.




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