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This seafood recipe software CD represents the largest collection of fresh water and saltwater fish recipes ever assembled.Over 33,000 Fresh and Salat Water Recipes. It also includes instructions for 50 types of fishing knots, and a complete fishing encyclopedia!

Whole Section on Fishing Knots

This great seafood recipe software contains detailed drawings and instructions on over 50 of the most useful knots used by fishermen the world over. From common to unique, increase your knot tying abilities. Learn knots you have always wanted to know, but never could remember.

Complete Encyclopedia

In addition to thousands of delicious recipes, this recipe software also has a complete encyclopedia on fresh, saltwater and shell fish. With valuable facts, diagrams, illustrations and many other items of interest, you can learn how to catch, clean, prepare and eat many of the fish. It includes their identifying descriptions, habitats, sizes, best fishing areas, baits, tackles, lures, expert knots, common scientific names - much more, all at the click of a mouse.


This seafood recipe software also features:

  • Pictures of over 150 recipes prepared and presented by professional chefs.
  • Nutritional Facts and References
  • Tips and techniques for buying and preparing freshwater fish and seafood.
  • How to choose Quality Fish and Seafood
  • Preparation Techniques
  • Cooking Methods: Baking, Poaching, Broiling, Grilling, Microwave, Deep Fry, Sauteing or Pan-frying, Steaming, Stir-Frying
  • Proper Handling Methods
  • Storage
  • Thawing Instructions


This is a must have for every fisherman.
Isn't it time you enjoyed cooking the Big One,
as much as you enjoyed catching it?


This seafood recipe software is the perfect gift for any fisherman! It contains over 33,000 fresh water and seafood recipes, with video clips on preparing and filleting your favorite fish. "Hooked on Cooking" represents the largest collection of fresh water and saltwater fish recipes ever assembled, and includes award winning recipes in over 100 different categories - with recipes that include soups, gumbos, salads, deep-fry dishes, Creoles, main dishes and many others.


I once caught a giant squid of the coast of Washington. No one believed me. Just the same it was true. The truth about this CD is that it is the most complete collection of both fresh water and salt water fishing tips and recipes I have ever seen in one program. I would highly recommend this CD to any fisherman who wants to top his knowledge off with additional info in this sport. The knot tying is a great section in itself. This area along has improved my rigging for catching different spices of fish. “Great Job!”  Worth every penny!

Joe Daily  SL UT.   

"As an outdoors sports television host, I have seen hundreds of cookbooks. "Hooked on Cooking" is by far the best cooking and instructional product I have seen. The variety in the recipes, cooking methods and the information in the encyclopedia is unbelievable."

Roger Mallon, TV Personality

"I love to fish and bring in the big one. "Hooked on Cooking" now gives me so many choices on how to cook and prepare my catch, it electrifies the whole fishing experience. This is a must for everyone who loves to fish."

Sterling Ottesen, Sports Fisherman UT.


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