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One Million Recipes Silver Edition

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World's #1 Best Selling Electronic CookBook !

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  • The Worlds Largest CookBook! Over 1,070.000 Recipes and Growing!
  • Easy, Fast - With the Most Powerful Recipe Library Ever Assembled
  • Recipes From Over 4000 CookBooks
  • Favorites From 1,000's of Chefs From Around the World


"One Million Recipes" not only has the world's largest collection available on CD-ROM, but it gives you the ability to input what food you have on hand and how you desire to cook it and, within a fraction of a second, hundreds of choices are available to review. Once the recipe is chosen, it can be scheduled in your own personalized calendar. With every recipe, you get complete nutritional information including calories, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fat cholesterol, sodium, and fiber.

Fastest search engine available today.

It searches by keywords of ingredient or cooking method. You will get a split-second response to your inquiry.

Scale Serving Size

Instantly changes recipe ingredient quantities to feed more or less.
This is a very important feature when serving extra guests and family members.


Nutritional Information

One of the new features of this program is that it creates a list of nutritional facts for each individual recipe. The nutritional facts are comprised of over 6,000 commonly used ingredients. They are broken down into the following categories:

  •    Calories  
  •    Vitamins  
  •    Proteins  
  •    Carbohydrates  
  •    Fats/Cholesterol  
  •    Sodium and Fiber

                                                          Calendar/Meal Planner

This feature makes planning your menus a snap. It allows you to pick recipes and place them into the calendar for each day of the month.

You can Add, Customize, and Edit new recipes, and Save recipes either as a file for editing or print them out on a standard 8.5"x11" notebook format.

Over 1,000,000 Great Recipes at your fingertips! Browse through the most complete and comprehensive cookbook ever compiled in an electronics CD format.

"If it's not in here, IT PROBABLY DOESN'T EXIST"

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7



I never thought I would write the manufacturer of a product to say well done, but here it goes. I own the "One Million of the World's Best Recipes". It is the most sensibly organized, easy to navigate, well thought out, and covers everything imaginable. I am a new diabetic and you have made life good for me.

Dick Brawley from Hesperia, Ca United States


Thank you for your fantastic recipes CD. I'm an elderly lady and I'm not too good on a computer. When my son-in-law gave me this CD for Mother's Day I thought it would be pretty overwhelming for me, but this is the easiest thing in the world to use. I may not be too good on the computer, but I sure can cook and I'm having a ball trying out all these new recipes. Your CD has been a "dream come true" for an old lady who loves to cook.

M.M. Seneca, SC

There is no way I would give up my recipe disc! I am extremely pleased with the recipes I find and encourage others to buy one for themselves and have purchased many to give to other people. The disk is fantastic!

H.H. Purdue, IL

Finally, I found the recipe software I've been looking for! This cooking software is very intuitive and easy to use. It gives me nutritional information on each recipe; it allows me to change the number of servings while it automatically does the math on the amount of ingredients needed, and it has a calendar/meal planner feature. I can pick my favorite recipe and place them in the calender-making meal planning a cinch! It also allows me to add, edit, and customize new recipes. My searches are faster than any other software products I've used in the past. And besides all these cool features, it has over one million recipes.In my opinion The One Million Recipe sofware realy stands above all the rest. It's the best! Thank you for creating such a great product !

Beth, Pine Bluff,  AR


I can't believe what happened today. A lady came into our store to buy a dozen copies of your Million Recipe CD for gifts and literally cried when she saw that we were sold out. When I told her we would get more in next week, she told me to call her as soon as they came in."
Housewares Department Manager in Florida Wal-Mart

The One Million Recipes is so easy to use, instead of having to look through several cookbooks. Everyone who has a computer should have one of these CD's!"

Wal-Mart Store Manager, Plano, IL

Thumbs Up On This Recipe Book! I like to cook diffrent things and this cookbook gives me an endless viriety. My kids use it all the time to get me to cook up all kinds of stuff. It is way easy to use.

Jo Jo McCarthy  Maine


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